air walser helicopter during offshore service
air walser helicopter during offshore service


AIR WALSER has a fully implemented Quality and Safety Management System and has also carried out an in-depth “Risk Assessment on HSE” which covers all aspects of its activities. Safety is conceived as the most important value in AIR WALSER and this concept is acknowledged and accepted at all levels in the Company.


A “Safety culture” is deeply rooted in AIR WALSER. It consists of psychological (how people think), behavioral (how people act) and organizational elements. The organizational elements are the things that are most under management control, the other two elements being outcomes of those efforts.

Awareness of the importance of safety resides in the top management of AIR WALSER, who is responsible for the issuing and widespread distribution of Company “safety policy”, for its acceptance by all employees and for the consistency between the Company’s strategy and policy.

A detailed safety case is prepared for every new project.